We introduce VAISHNAVI INDUSTRIES, a progressive company which is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Resins, Foundry Chemicals, “Green Chemicals” and Solvents

VAISHNAVI INDUSTRIES has dedicated itself to the development and manufacture of a wide range of high quality Chemicals such as Resins and green chemicals to enable clients to enhance the Quality of their products.

Our products have always been manufactured with an aim to enhance Productivity, Quality, Economy, and User friendliness. To achieve this we manufacture products in an individual, expert monitored, accurately controlled & tested batches. Our Production process and Production equipments meets the environmental regulations.

The company has developed the skills and resources to provide a complete specialist service. This capability can also be combined to deliver integrated solutions to meet complex customer needs. All our products are as per REACH norms (Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) and are environmental friendly.